Friday, 8 July 2016

Making A Statement with A Chair or Two

Mix and match co-ordinating fabrics for interest
We are so lucky living here as we do in the South Pacific with the clear and clean  colours that nature provides…. No murky smog to water down the sky. Even on a wintry day like today the light is bright, the wind is blowing the cobwebs away and the raindrops on the leaves outside glisten as the sunlight catches them. Perhaps this is why we tend to keep out interiors neutral, so they act as a backdrop to what is going on outside the windows. Fashion comes and goes with interiors as much as with clothing and every so often we have a client that wants to live with a riot of colour, a bright red kitchen, terracotta walls, peppermint green and pink doors etc etc. Of course if that is what they want we will give it to them but it is so much easier to live with a less stimulating framework and use colour to make the space pop! This could be a single coloured wall in a bright and eye-catching colour or pattern, a collection of colour accents played out in cushions, bed coverings, window furnishings and fabulous artwork or it could be by introducing :


This pair of mid-century chairs are covered in Sanderson's
'Dandelion Clocks'. Sanderson do matching wallpapers and fabrics for curtaining and roman blinds in the same pattern in a range of colours.

What a great statement this chair is! If you want to add a real 'talking point' to your house you couldn't go past this!

This chair is so subtle! The colours graduate across the green/yellow spectrum allowing plenty of latitude to choose accessories that will work together.

Love this raspberry pink! It pulls the splashes of pink from the artwork and frames theshape of the cabinet in the background.

Here is a project for passionate do-it-yourselfers....
An op shop chair, using an old map,  papier mache
techniques and a coat of sealing varnish.

We can source imaginative and functional fabrics from all over the world and have a wonderful upholsterer who delights in tackling whatever we throw at him.
Let us help you add that 'statement' piece to your home.
Call Rachel on 027 241 7927 and check out our web site:

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