Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Simple But Stunning

We love it when a client asks us to create something special to suit their colour scheme. These cushions were made from a heavy linen cloth and finished with contrasting gros-grain ribbon stitched in a simple but striking design. We used feather inners for the cushions as they plump up beautifully and don't go flat over time as polyester fill has a tendency to do. These cushions are to go with a set of white linen curtains with  3 rows of black gros-grain stitched across the top of the curtains. Simple, but stunning. It is so satisfying when the most uncomplicated of designs give the most striking outcome.
Cushions are traditionally used for a practical purpose to make sitting in a chair or sofa more comfortable. These days they are as likely to be used to soften the severe lines of furniture and to add a focal pop of colour or design to a room.
We would love to create something like this for you.
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