Monday, 11 April 2016

Gorgeous Wallcoverings from Casadeco

Look at these gorgeous wall panels from Casadeco!

Believe it or not these are not blocks of wood attached to the wall.....This is a wallpaper panel that turns what would just be a bare stretch of wall into a sophisticated and very grown-up space. It marries beautifully with understated furniture and is inviting without being fussy.

And how about this one for a bit of fun?...

 In a house where all the other walls are painted in a neutral colour this bright and cheerful wall pops out and makes a funky in-your-face statement.
The mix of bright primary colours gives plenty of scope to draw from when selecting accessories.
There is no need to wallpaper the whole wall, either. One roll of the paper cut into matching strips and pasted to the wall, perhaps in a giant rectangular shape like a large painting, or any shape you like would make a great talking point.

This one is a quiet and restful statement, a piece of art in itself. Again it contains multiple colours to give you plenty of scope to co-ordinate furnishings and it teams beautifully with the green wall. Note too the elegant white curtain with the eyelets set into a contrast band at the top. This is a room you want to come home to.

Casadeco have a great range of wallcoverings and fabrics and are just one of many collections we can access for you. We would love to help you turn your  special space into a warm, welcoming and vibrant home. Give Rachel a call on 0272214049 to set the ball rolling.

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